Preliminary Fiber Siding Replacement Calculator v1.03


This web-based calculator provides only a rough and preliminary estimate of possible payments from the settlement. The calculator is based on costs as of the date the Court approved the settlement, in February, 2017. The actual payments will be determined by the claim administrator, and will be based on additional factors and costs that this courtesy calculator does not analyze or estimate. The actual payments will be based on a number of factors, including (1) the extent of the Qualifying Damage, (2) the proportion of the wall with Qualifying Damage, (3) the size of the wall, (4) the length of time the Siding has been installed, (5) the actual construction of the building, and (6) the individual characteristics related to the tear off, replacement, and painting necessary to remediate the damaged siding which qualifies for payment. The claim administrator will consider information submitted on claim forms and information developed during the claim administration process to determine the amounts of payments. Accordingly, the claim administrator is not bound by the results of this calculator. The volume of claims submitted may also affect the amounts of payments either up or down. In addition, the amounts may be paid in multiple payments over the length of the claims period to ensure that class members making early claims are not treated differently than class members making claims throughout the class period or the end of the class period.

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